I'm Nicolas Ceccarello, a 21 year old Computer Science engineering student living and studying in Paris, France. I'm half French, half British, and bilingual as my mother is English, and we have always talked together solely in English

After I passed my scientific "baccalaureat" (Maths specialization), I started a preparation class, which consists of two intense years of studies to prepare for the engineering schools' entrance exams. In my case, the course was MPSI, which is Maths, Physics, and Engineering Science.
I then entered EPITA in Paris (FR), which is a Computer Science Engineering school. The first year of the course was mostly spent learning programming languages such as shell, C, C++, Java, python and SQL, working on projects using them, and following other classes such as Maths, Algorithm, Probability, Project Management (AGILE process) and so on. The biggest projects we worked on were the Tiger compiler in C++, and the Python/Django web app.
Although I already knew I wanted to specialize in Artificial Intelligence, finding an AI internship mid-course isn't easy. I spent just over 4 months in an internship, from September 2019 until January 2020 working on web development. Working on web development allowed me to acquire skills such as Docker, a new programming language (Golang), project management and leadership, web comprehension, etc.
I then started specializing AI and Data Science as I joined the SCIA major in my final year. I attended classes of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and neural networks, Recommender System, Active Learning, Data Science Project Management, Computer Vision, and others. I am currently in my final year, about to validate my Master in Computer Science Engineering, specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Throughout the duration of my course I have worked on several Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing and Project Management projects (see projects).


Nicolas Ceccarello